The wheat’s life

  • Illustration

    The Barilla Art Directors asked me to work, through images and words, on a short story that illustrates the path that leads wheat to become pasta.

    My research focused on the 4 natural elements: earth, water, air and sun.
    I studied the colors that best identify the 4 elements, always keeping the three colors of the brand constant, namely Red, Blue and the new Barilla blue. I then represented the natural elements with four portraits of women full of life, with sinuous lines and vigorous colors. I imagined that every woman had a message to give to the grain of wheat, evocative and simple words to encourage its journey.
    Earth, water, air and sun become the protagonists of this story in which each element has taken on the name of the color that identifies them: The Green Woman, The Blue Woman, The Red Woman and The Celestial Woman.

    AD Andrea Malservisi and Aysegul Donmez
    I hope you will one day see this story around the world