Soundtrack UYUNI Nothing

Nothing – Amalia Mora’s collection of drawings on black background – is an alternation of illustrated dark dreams and white panels giving birth to a chessboard. Black is the surface the artist scratches with precision, recreating with her white sign also the smallest details.
The story opens with a woman asking her son “What happened?”, his answer is “Nothing”. And this nothing re-emerges constantly in the narrative path, among these drawn dreams: something broke, and stopped, “nothing” is just a lie.
In Amalia Mora’s project this nothing is full of images, not spoken words, incomprehensions unveiled and admitted by the dream with no pity: a woman walks despite a broken heel, a young girl is eaten by a polar bear, a girl takes her father home, a murder, a nail in the head, a woman in labour.
The chessboard-set up is just a background for images that leave theory and rationality behind, following a dreamy flow instead.
The exhibition becomes a dream-like experience, in an alternation of empty and full spaces, nightly images and daily silences.

Published Lo straniero